Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?

If you’ve spent any amount of time shaving your legs, underarms, forearms, or bikini area – much less all these together – you know how time-consuming this can be. Beyond the sheer inconvenience of shaving, the cost of buying expensive comfort razors and the creams necessary to get a close shave gets to be quite hefty. Even alternatives that prove to be slightly longer lasting, such as waxing, aren’t necessarily any easier or more cost-effective – not to mention the need to let the hair grow for weeks in between to effectively remove it with strips and waxing. Laser hair reduction offers the benefits of long-lasting and effective hair removal, without having to purchase supplies for keeping skin smooth and stubble-free at-home. After several sessions, hair is eliminated or softened and refined to the point that it is invisible. You never have to worry about whether you’re ready to wear certain outfits or enjoy a day at the beach or pool; your skin will be smooth and virtually hair-free when you need it to be. Laser technology has been approved by the FDA and in use to help create a smooth skin for decades.

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Laser Hair Removal Benefits

It’s Precise

Laser technology is incredibly precise, making laser hair removal ideal for people looking to target and remove a few specific hairs. This makes it a great option, even if you’re looking to remove small areas of hair from around the eyebrows, upper lip, nosebikini line, or hairline.

Less Painful

Laser hair removal is a lot less painful than most people think. Many people equate it to the feeling of snapping a rubber band against the skin. Depending on your threshold for pain, you may find it slightly uncomfortable, but the sessions are so fast that most people find it easy to endure.

Whole Body

With the exception of the eyelashes, laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body. It’s especially ideal for the back and bikini area, which can be hard to reach with razors and extremely painful to wax.

Long-Term Solution

Most people see permanent, lasting results with laser hair removal. In some cases, you may need a touch-up a few months or years down the line, but it remains one of the best long-term solutions available.

It's Quick

You will have to have multiple treatment sessions, but most sessions only take a few minutes. The smaller the treatment area, the less time you’ll spend under the laser.

Prevents Ingrown Hairs

By destroying the hair at the root, you’ll never have to worry about those pesky hairs growing back in or curling back into the body and becoming ingrown.

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About Our Machine

At Blissfusion we use the DIOLAZEXL laser which is a hair removal solution offering peak power with optimal speed. Designed with state-of-the-art diode lasers, the DiolazeXL offers patients the most effective hair removal treatment. DiolazeXL has built-in safeguards to ensure that all sessions are comfortable and relatively pain-free. DiolazeXL targets coarse and stubborn hair, up to skin type VI.


Gold standard wavelength, pulsing and power for optimal results and maximal safety.

Less treatments

The large treatment surface of the Diolaze efficiently and effectively removes leg hair in four to six sessions.


Powerful enough to target and treat even the most stubborn hair.

Virtually Painless

Virtually painless due to strong built in cooling.

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Why do patients opt for laser hair removal?

The presence of unwanted hair, whether on the upper lip, hands, feet, bikini area, or back, legs, and arms, is a top source of cosmetic anguish in the United States. Many are tired of having to repeatedly remove unwanted hair through tedious and painful methods such as shaving, waxing, and tweezing. In response, the demand for light-based permanent hair reduction has skyrocketed.

Who can get laser hair removal?

Women and men alike. Most women seek to remove hair from their underarms, bikini lines, and legs, while men are more interested in treating hair on their backs and necks. When hair removal lasers were initially introduced, the procedure was originally intended for patients with light skin and dark hairs. However, newer technologies, like Astanza systems, safely and effectively treat patients of all skin types and hair colors.

What kind of results can patients expect?

Most patients require 5 to 8 treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart to achieve desired results. With Astanza technology, virtually every patient – no matter their skin or hair type – can receive long-lasting removal results for unwanted hair. Patients with lighter hair may require more treatments than others, but will still see effective results by the end of their treatments. Most patients need 6 to 12 treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction results. Treatments are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart to target follicles during the growth stage. Regardless of the technology being used, patients will experience results at different rates, depending on their skin type and hair color.

Does laser hair removal save patients money?

Laser hair removal saves patients time, pain, and money. A recent article by Harper’s Bazaar compared the cost of 3 sessions of hair removal to 35 years of continuous waxing. The results showed that laser hair removal is less than a third of the cost of waxing.

What’s the standard procedure like?

During treatment, a light-based system emits bright flashes of light into the skin where the unwanted hair resides. The hair follicles absorb the light energy, heat up, and become damaged. Each pulse of light energy takes a matter of seconds and treats multiple hairs at once, making this procedure very quick and easy to perform. Treatments can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. Astanza hair removal systems feature larger treatment heads for faster treatment sessions. Because hair grows in different stages, multiple treatments are needed to target the hair follicles during their growth phase. Most patients need at least 4 to 6 treatments to see permanent, long-lasting results. Touch-ups may be required over time. Patients should see results after the first treatment – their hairs will grow back finer and weaker and the skin will become smoother. Results will become more noticeable and impressive with each additional treatment until all follicles are destroyed, successfully stopping continuous hair growth.

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