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NAD Blissfusion Encinitas California


NAD Therapy in Encinitas, CA

NAD therapy provides the individual with naturally higher energy levels, improved mood, and mental clarity. It has also been claimed to slow aging, improve cellular health, and heighten brain function. NAD+ acts as fuel for many key biological processes, such as: converting food into energy, repairing damaged DNA, fortifying cells' defense systems, and setting your body's internal clock or circadian rhythm.

The amount of NAD+ in your body naturally declines with age. Low NAD+ levels have been linked to health concerns like accelerated aging and chronic illnesses. These age-related illnesses include diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, and vision loss. Interestingly, animal research has found that raising NAD+ levels may help reverse signs of aging and lower the risk of many chronic diseases.

In NAD Therapy, the co-enzyme Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is placed in an IV and slowly dripped into the bloodstream. This allows the substance to bypass the stomach (where analgesic medication breaks down) and travel directly to the brain and other cells.

Benefits Of NAD IV Therapy

NAD+ is responsible for fueling various processes within the human body. Benefits of NAD therapy include:

Healthy Brain Function

NAD therapy optimizes your brain's neuron function and can even repair brain cells, supporting better mental clarity and cognitive function.

Faster Recovery

NAD therapy promotes muscle function and physical performance by fueling cells for growth. This provides faster recovery after intense exercise and increased performance.

Cardiovascular System Support

This important nutrient has improved heart health by preventing high blood pressure and related medical conditions. NAD IV therapy may also lower cholesterol and protect the blood vessels.

Slow The Aging Process

Anti-aging and NAD IV therapy go hand-in-hand. An NAD infusion supports cell regeneration and revitalization of living cells to promote overall health and reduced aging.

Reduced Chronic Fatigue

The NAD coenzyme is a helper molecule, participating in various metabolic reactions to create cellular energy. Optimal NAD levels combat chronic fatigue and support naturally higher energy levels.

  • How Long Do Encinitas Cryotherapy Treatments Take?
    Whole-body cryotherapy treatments last between two and three minutes. During this brief period, the body creates an inflammatory response, releases endorphins, numbs chronic pains, and more. In no more than three minutes in the chamber, patients can increase immune function, boost energy levels, destroy cellulite, ignite metabolism, and improve their overall wellness to feel amazing.
  • What Should I Wear For Cryotherapy Treatments?
    Blissfusion Wellness Lounge suggests leaving skin exposed to reach the desired physiological response, so there is no need to bring warm clothes to the . We will provide socks, slippers, gloves, and suggest you keep your undergarments on.
  • Are Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatments Safe?
    Safety is paramount at Blissfusion Wellness Lounge. The cold temperature is achieved by using electricity to cool the air around you, so the cooling agents never actually touch your skin. This makes the temperature change in the body superficial. Your head will remain outside the cooling area the entire treatment, reducing discomfort and increasing safety.
  • Is Encinitas Cryotherapy Painful?
    It is common to associate cold with pain because we often think of ice baths or freezing cold weather. However, because the air around you is cooled, you feel it as a cold breeze. Cryotherapy lets you recover, relax, and improve your overall wellness without pain or discomfort.
  • How Many Cryotherapy Treatments Will I Need?
    There is no generalized treatment plan for everyone. The amount of treatments you will need is completely up to you and your wellness goals and the conditions you are looking to treat. However, you will achieve long-lasting benefits if you receive treatments regularly. Many clients visit us weekly for chronic pain relief and skin wellness.
  • Where will this service take place?
    This service will be performed at our Encinitas Wellness lounge. We know that our Encinitas lounge may be a bit of a drive for some of our clients in San Diego and Carlsbad, but when it comes to your health, quality should always be the top priority. Don't settle for less than the best. Trust your health to the experts at Blissfusion.


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