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Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Updated: May 3, 2022

Weight loss is a tremendous accomplishment and you should be proud! After all, it takes tremendous time, energy, and restraint; especially if you had a long way to go. But, after the results are in and you have reached a plateau of stubborn fat deposits and loose skin, it may be time for a body contouring procedure to help you fine-tune those results! Plastic surgery is never ideal, so what's your best option?

At Blissfusion Wellness Lounge | Encinitas, we use the EvolveX system, which is a top-of-the-line machine that lets you trim, tone, and tighten your body based on your intended results. Instead of going through with outpatient surgery, you could be in and out on your lunch break with results that will compound for weeks. No downtime, no extra skin, and no unsightly scarring results from our system; just realistic expectations and true results!

Skip The Body Contouring Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures have been around far too long for being so invasive, hazardous, and expensive. If you want to pursue body contouring after weight loss, do it the right way with Blissfusion Wellness Lounge! With 2022's top technology, the EvolveX system is one of the best methods available for achieving the body shape and tone you have been dreaming of. Our body contouring process focuses on:


With our body contouring, you can start losing weight in the most hard-to-train areas. In place of weight loss surgery, our process utilizes a mixture of bipolar radio-frequency energy and vacuum technology to heat layers of fat deep below your skin’s surface.


electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) forces different muscles to contract to the degree they are incapable of when directed by the brain during a normal workout. EvolveX Tone’s 4 hands-free applicators train specific muscle groups to fine-tune the appearance and strength


EvolveX 8 hands-free applicators to deliver uniform, volumetric heating to the skin & sub-dermal layers, providing customized solutions for excess skin. Body contouring after weight loss generates collagen and elastin, which your body struggles to produce as you age. By increasing the production of these proteins, sagging skin can regain elasticity.

Myths About Body Contouring

The most important myth to debunk before coming in for body contouring is it's not a source for significant weight loss. Contrary to popular belief, body contouring procedures have a limited amount of excess fat than being taken at once, whether you choose a non-surgical or surgical option. Short of bariatric surgery, which permanently alters your body, you shouldn't expect dramatic weight loss.

The second fact to clarify is that your weight loss journey won't end with body contouring. While most patients achieve their desired result from body contouring after weight loss, it will take diet and exercise to keep your body in great shape! All of the skin-tightening, weight loss, and muscle toning that occurs will be lost if there is no effort to keep it.

Best Treatment Areas For Body Contouring

Body contouring can be performed in various locations, depending on your body in specific. The process can be used on:



Upper Abdomen

Lower Abdomen

Outer Thighs

Inner Thigh




With body contouring, you can achieve full-body results!


Instead of going with a body contouring surgery, consider a non-invasive option. With Blissfusion's highly effective process, you can tighten excess skin, improve elasticity, tone and strengthen muscles, and trim fat in the most stubborn places without the safety concerns that come with surgery. Dramatic weight loss may not happen but with a healthy lifestyle, you can have the body of your dreams. Talk to our caring, knowledgeable team today and see if you are a good candidate for body contouring!

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