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Cryotherapy vs Infrared Sauna By Blissfusion

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Back in the day, your only option to relax and detox was visiting a traditional sauna, but times have changed and there are plenty of options to feel, and maybe even look better in a short, half-hour session. Two of the top services for burning calories improving overall health are cryotherapy and infrared saunas. There is no doubt that you will leave either session feeling great, but which one is superior?

Full-body Cryotherapy Machine

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Adding a big twist to the traditional sauna, whole-body cryotherapy actually uses extreme cold to work its magic. During whole-body cryotherapy, very cold temperatures trigger the body to enter a state of "flee or flight", which in turn causes a release of adrenaline and endorphins for an amazing mid-day energy boost.

The concept of using extreme cold to treat various medical conditions and improve the body's healing response is not new, it's just more convenient and effective than ever before. With cryotherapy, you can boost your immune system, lose weight, reduce muscle soreness, and experience less pain from chronic health problems.

Improve Health Conditions With A Cryotherapy Treatment

The benefits of cryotherapy are still being explored, but sessions have resulted in some pretty amazing health benefits. The Health benefits of cryotherapy include reducing blood pressure, alleviating migraines, and minimizing pain felt from conditions like arthritis. The extremely cold temperatures from cryotherapy have even been shown to destroy cancer cells, improve the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, and help with anxiety disorders.

Obviously, cryotherapy can do some pretty incredible things for your body and mind, and there is nothing stopping you from experiencing what others already have. While we can't say that cryotherapy can treat cancer, due to a lack of proof, it has proven to provide a myriad of other benefits.

Infrared Sauna For Health and Wellness

Infrared Saunas

The infrared sauna uses conduction and convection to heat your body directly, unlike the traditional sauna, which heats the air around you as well. Infrared saunas are excellent for detoxifying and relaxing the body. Plus, infrared saunas offer some important benefits of their own. An occasional trip to the infrared sauna can give your metabolism a boost, improve heart health, alleviate joint pain, and detoxify your system to heighten your immune system.

Just like traditional saunas that you have seen, infrared sauna treatments are simple and relaxing. In most cases, you will be placed in a private room for your session, so you can wear whatever you'd like. To start, simply step into the infrared sauna room and be seated. Direct heat radiation will have you sweating in no time, and that's a good thing!

Is The Infrared Sauna Experience Better Than Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy and infrared sauna treatments provide many of the same benefits, like pain relief, improved circulation, improving organ health, and much more, but is there a clear winner when it comes to possible benefits? Unfortunately, there is not a clear winner as each individual will benefit differently from their infrared sauna or cryotherapy treatment. For some, intense cold might be just what the doctor ordered. For others, nothing beats infrared saunas after intense exercise.

Combining Infrared Sauna With Cryotherapy

These services are incredible separately, but together, infrared sauna and cryotherapy treatments are much more effective. Pairing the two services causes an even greater temperature fluctuation in your body, amplifying the effects of both treatments. To do this, you will complete your infrared sauna session like normal. After your body is all warmed up by infrared heat lamps, you'll take just a minute to dry off and stop sweating before entering the cryotherapy chamber. After you have dried off and stepped into the chamber, your cryotherapy session will begin.

Individuals have great results with partnering the infrared heat from an IR sauna with the intense cold used in cryotherapy, often leaving with lowered blood pressure, Decreased chronic pain and nerve damage discomfort, less inflammation, and even a heightened immune system.

If you don't suffer from chronic diseases or pain, are these treatments still worth attending? Infrared sauna and cryotherapy have proven to benefit individuals in miraculous ways, but you don't have to be injured or sick to make either (or both) well worth the money and time. These treatments provide a mood, metabolism, energy, and immune boost that can help you through the toughest, or sorest day.

Affordable Whole-Body Wellness

While an occasional session will benefit your health, professionals in the wellness field recommend that individuals frequently participate in infrared sauna and cryotherapy sessions. By routinely visiting a wellness lounge near you, high blood pressure and other chronic issues can be more easily managed. Treatments add up, however, especially when you are combining cryotherapy and infrared sauna. The solution? Sign up for a monthly membership and go as often as you'd like!

A combo package makes infrared saunas and cryotherapy appointments much more affordable, letting you pay one monthly price for unlimited treatments. Make yourself at home with a monthly membership to stay at the peak of your wellness.

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