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Can An RN Open An IV Hydration Business? Blissfusion

Opening an IV hydration business can be a rewarding and exciting adventure, providing a valuable service to individuals seeking hydration, wellness, and recovery. After all, IV hydration is a $2 Billion + industry with lots of room for growth. But who can open an IV business?

The Blissfusion Team, Encinitas, CA

Opening An IV Hydration Business It Starts With A Physician License

The short answer is yes, a registered nurse can start an IV hydration business, but not without some assistance. In order to establish a medical practice of any kind, you need a Physician’s license to operate. The RN can run, operate, and manage the business if they have a partnering M.D. The same applies to Physician Assistants!

So, Where Do You Find A Willing M.D?

There are many ways to seek out a Physician, like posting on Indeed, LinkedIn, and other hiring platforms, but finding a willing M.D. can be much more challenging. The best approach is typically to find a partner like Blissfusion. Blissfusion is a well-known medical spa in Encinitas, CA that has helped various IV hydration businesses get started in their area.

Blissfusion’s M.D., Dr. Matt Ahern, has helped more many medical professionals open their own IV hydration business. With extensive knowledge and expertise, Dr. Ahern and the Blissfusion team simplify the process of opening an IV business, marketing it, and setting the new clinic up for success. From licensing and legalities to marketing and building an online presence, their team guides you to success. Think of it as a business in a box!

What’s Next?

Once you establish an M.D to oversee your operations and create an agreement with them, you have a laundry list of tasks to complete if you’re doing things by yourself. Finding a space for your IV hydration clinic, purchasing supplies, licensing your practice, marketing, and staffing are a few of the responsibilities you’ll have before opening.

Are You Ready To Open An IV Hydration Clinic?

If you’re passionate about serving your community and making an impact, an IV hydration business may be the perfect path for you.

Opening an IV hydration business for the first time can be overwhelming unless you have the right partner to walk you through the process. Working with an experienced team that has launched IV businesses across the country simplifies things drastically. Contact the Blissfusion team to learn more about IV hydration partnerships.

How Long Does It Take To Open An IV Business?

The timeline for opening an IV hydration business varies depending on your State, and how fast you can complete the process. There are various elements you’ll need to address when opening the IV clinic, like finding a location, ordering supplies, and training your team. A partnership is the simplest and fastest way to open an IV hydration business, since the leg work is done for you.

Is Opening An IV Hydration Business Worth It?

Opening an IV hydration clinic is a rewarding and profitable venture that lets you become your own boss, serve your community, and create something from scratch. With a low initial investment and high revenue potential, it’s a practical and exciting desicion for any medical professional to make!

What Do You Get With An IV Business Partnership?

Blissfusion’s partnerships essentially provide medical professionals a “business in a box”. Our team gives you the tools, experience, and support to successfuly open your business, from marketing and licensing to setting up suppliers. Partnerships are a great way to open an IV business without starting from scratch.

The Blissfusion partnership also offers a strong brand attached to your business. With 8 locations and more to come, Blissfusion has established a National brand that will help you promote your business and build patient trust.

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