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Will body contouring replace liposuction?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Throughout life, we are told that proper diet and exercise are the best solutions for weight loss, and that is still the case; but while diet and exercise will help you achieve significant weight loss, they are not always enough to dissolve stubborn fat deposits. Even with an excellent diet and daily exercise, the perfect figure may seem out of reach.

When unwanted fat cells will not dissipate, many individuals seek assistance from aesthetic plastic surgery like liposuction. Traditionally, there have been limited options when it comes to body contouring procedures but that is no longer the case. It's 2022, and excess fat cells are in trouble thanks to non-surgical body contouring.

Benefits Of Body Contouring Procedures

Many believe that the primary purpose of body contouring is simply fat reduction but there is much more to it than destroying targeted fat cells. Body contouring with systems like Evolve by Inmode helps patients trim excess fat, remodel skin, and even tone muscle. Without ever having to undergo general anesthesia, scarring, or a lengthy healing process, body sculpting can yield fantastic results.

Traditional body-contouring surgery would usually consist of an extensive process including fat removal, tummy tuck, and more depending on the treated area, non-surgical body contouring does more with less invasion. By combining some of 2022's most advanced technologies, patients can achieve desired results with less trauma.

Weight Loss With Body Contouring

Contrary to popular belief, body contouring is not supposed to provide significant weight loss, whether you are interested in a surgical or non-surgical procedure. In plastic surgery procedures, the board-certified plastic surgeon will almost never remove more than ten pounds at once, so if you want to reach past those realistic expectations, it's going to come with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Body sculpting does target fat cells, but not in abundance. Generally, body contouring patients will be within a few pounds of their physique goals with a few pockets of stubborn fat they need assistance with. Thanks to an innovative blend of technology, non-surgical body contouring can also provide tightening and toning in various areas of the body. How do body sculpting procedures accomplish so much?

With nonsurgical body contouring, you can tailor your treatment to fit perfectly with multiple solutions. By combining complementary services, patients can accomplish excess fat reduction, tighten loose skin, and tone those hard-to-train muscles.

Loose Weight

Trim by Evolve utilizes RF energy and a tissue vacuum to apply uniform heat to the subcutaneous tissue, letting your medical professional destroy fat cells in a targeted area. With six powerful hands-free applicators, Evolve Trim can remove fat deposits from around the abdominal muscles and thighs.

Tighten & Rejuvenate Skin

Body contour experts use several systems to remodel loose skin and promote collagen production. Treatments utilize their own RF (Radiofrequency) energy process to tighten loose skin, improve the appearance of blood vessels, contour tissue, and enhance the overall health of your skin.

Tone Muscles

Using electrical muscular stimulation (EMS), Inmode's Tone procedure, individuals can refine the look of muscles and even improve strength. This cutting-edge technology can be used on the upper arms, outer thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and other areas of the body to perfect, especially when paired with regular exercise.

Differences Between Body Contouring & Cosmetic Surgeries

Body contouring and surgical procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks share a lot of similarities, but there are a couple of things that help the nonsurgical procedure stand out. First, it's less invasive. With body contouring, you have the ability to remodel excess skin, reach stubborn pockets of fat, tone muscles, and more without ever having to undergo plastic surgery and the recovery that follows.

Procedures are fast, simple, and minimally invasive, but they’re also more effective in many situations. Body contouring continues to destroy fat cells for weeks after treatment and collagen production will remain amplified for months, so with a healthy diet and exercise, you will continue seeing results long after the treatment ends.

Before and after of Inmode Evolve

Hitting Your Ideal Weight Is A Journey

Weight loss isn't something that can be rushed, whether you go with liposuction procedures or non-invasive body contouring. If you are close to a healthy body weight and want to target those remaining fat cells and give your skin renewal, body contouring may be perfect for you. Take back your body with one of 2022's best non-surgical procedures!

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