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What Is IPL Treatment: All About Photofacials!

If you've been searching for more clear, healthier-looking skin, IPL therapy has probably come up. IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a cosmetic treatment that does wonders for your skin. From turning back the clock to removing unwanted hair, intense pulsed light therapy is an excellent choice.

How Intense Pulsed Light Works

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) harnesses light energy to target certain skin pigments. The IPL treatment destroys unwanted cells with concentrated light, allowing new, healthy cells to replace them. Due to IPL's broad spectrum light, it can treat various skin conditions. The treatment is considered non-invasive, and with minimal side effects, there is little-to-no downtime after.

Benefits Of IPL

Intense pulsed light therapy effectively treats numerous skin conditions, including age spots, spider veins, keloid scars, sun spots, active acne, and acne scars. This skin rejuvenation treatment can also repair broken blood vessels, treat wrinkles, and diminish stretch marks, making it one of the best ways to improve your complexion. In areas like Southern California, it's nice to have an effective way to treat sun damage and keep skin fresh!

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) For Hair Removal

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures is hair removal, but with hundreds of dollars and countless hours spent on shaving, waxing, and other removal methods each year, who wouldn't want a permanent solution? IPL is an effective laser hair removal treatment, providing permanent results in four to six sessions. IPL treatments will remove unwanted hair follicles while improving the texture and appearance of the skin, offering unbelievable results!

Fast & Easy Skin Treatments

Another perk of IPL treatments is convenience. In under an hour, you're out the door, and recovery is very manageable. To start, the medical professional will apply topical numbing cream to mitigate discomfort. Once the cream has taken effect, intense pulsed light is applied to the treatment area. As the light energy targets skin cells, it may feel like a rubber band is snapping, but nearly all patients find the sensation tolerable. Because the IPL device is so accurate, sensitive areas like the face can be treated, but powerful enough to destroy hair follicles.

After Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Limit sun exposure, avoid hot showers, baths, and strenuous activities for a few days, and you will be all set! The vast majority of patients are healed within a week of intense pulsed light therapy, but many fully recover in two to three days. During this time, it's essential to stay hydrated and moisturize the treated area to nourish the damaged outer layer of the skin.

Who Should Get IPL Treatments?

While intense pulsed light can be effective on various skin types, lighter skin will often see the best results. Those with dark skin tones may not be suitable for this treatment as intense pulse light targets melanin.

If you have been struggling with an uneven skin tone, sun-damaged skin, dark spots, or want to remove unwanted hair, IPL may be the best option. With a quick recovery and impressive results, this laser treatment has helped thousands achieve their skin goals. Book an IPL photofacial with Blissfusion Wellness Lounge and see for yourself!

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